Bristol Folk House Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique courses and workshops in central Bristol

Want to improve the way you move in a fun environment with interesting people? My Bristol Folk House Alexander Technique courses might be just what you’re looking for.

Have you been struggling to solve any of these common problems?

  • discomfort using office equipment at work or home
  • work-related stress
  • tension headaches – the doctor can find nothing wrong, and says you just need to relax
  • anxiety over giving presentations
  • desire to improve the way you sit and stand to give you more presence at work
  • you’ve seen photos of the last time you went out – “do I really look like that?!”

Alexander Technique might be just what you’re looking for.

Jennifer teaching a group

I am the resident tutor for Alexander Technique at Bristol Folk House, and have run courses there for about 8 years.

I help students reach their potential with activities as diverse as singing, yoga, swimming, walking, using a computer, playing an accordion, and chopping carrots. Any activity that involves mental and physical effort can be improved and made easier using Alexander Technique principles.

Will the Bristol Folk House Alexander Technique courses and workshops suit me?

The courses:

My Bristol Folk House Alexander Technique courses are great if you’re on a budget, or if your working schedule means that you can only manage an evening class. The group sizes are generally much larger than my private courses and lessons (up to 15 people at the Folk House, compared to a maximum of five for private courses). This means that you may run the risk of not getting all your questions asked and answered. You will, however, still get lots of benefits:

  • You get to learn from watching other people’s lessons
  • Benefitting from the ‘group mind’ – you get to toss ideas around with your classmates
  • Other people ask the questions that you are too shy to!
  • You can enjoy being part of a community that wants to improve.

If you love people and enjoy group interaction, then the Bristol Folk House Alexander Technique courses could be for you. The downside is that, as the group size is larger, you will receive less individual attention. If you have very specific queries or concerns, or you prefer a bit more privacy, can I suggest that you try my drop-in class or 1:1 sessions? These may suit your needs better.

The Saturday workshops:

Introduction to Alexander Technique

My Saturday workshop at Bristol Folk House is a brilliant way to learn the basics of how you can help yourself using Alexander Technique. In a six-hour immersive experience, you will learn:

  • why ‘sitting up straight’ shouldn’t hurt
  • why we need to stop ‘trying harder’, and actually learn how to do a bit less!
  • some basic functional anatomy. You’ll leave knowing more about the way your body works!
  • the basics of how to sit, stand, and walk with more efficiency and ease
  • how to break any new activity down into component parts so that you can do it more easily

And you’ll get to ask as many questions as you like – the structure of the day is tailored to the specific needs of the group.

As with my evening courses at Bristol Folk House, the group sizes are generally much larger than my private courses and lessons (sometimes up to 15 people). This can be great, as you benefit from all the positives of group classes.

Presentation Skills

Do you struggle with presentations? Do you want to improve your skills, or learn how to deal with nerves? In this day workshop you will learn:

  • why public speaking is a different skill to everyday speech
  • how to structure a talk
  • strategies for handling performance nerves
  • how to practice effectively
  • basic body language hacks to help you connect with your audience
  • tips on how to use your voice effectively

This is a great course to get up-to-speed on some basic ideas that will kickstart your presentation skills in a supportive small group environment.

When are you teaching there next?

Next courses:

Introduction to Alexander Technique
6 week course
5.45pm-7.15pm on Thursday evenings
Begins 15 September 2022

Presentation Skills – online
6 week course via Zoom
7.30pm – 8.30pm on Tuesday evenings
Begins 13 September 2022

Next Saturday workshops:

Alexander Technique workshop
10am – 4pm
Saturday 22 October 2022

Presentation Skills workshop
10am – 4pm
Saturday 10 September 2022

Phone Bristol Folk House on 0117 926 2987 to book, and check their website for further details.