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Jennifer teaching a groupI have nearly ten years’ experience in teaching both individuals and groups. Here are some comments from past students.


“I was referred to Jennifer after experiencing a deterioration in my singing voice as well as shoulder and lower back pain. Our sessions together over the last eighteen months have been a revelation: each session brings some new illuminating insight about the natural function of the body, the mind and their relationship with one-another. Jennifer’s expert guidance has been instrumental to the restoration of my singing voice and to my general health and well-being.”

Tom, singer


“Alexander Technique lessons by Skype with Jen are great. I’m based miles away and have no chance of regular hands-on lessons. These lessons really reinforce who is in charge – ie yourself and your ideas. And they are just as much fun as conventional lessons – and just as effective.”

Katherine,university lecturer


“The changes I felt in myself I saw reflected in the other workshop participants. The weight of the world has come off my shoulders.”

Julia, childminder


“The rest of the group were lovely and it was wonderful to watch and learn from their experiences.”

Verity, student


“I really valued the lessons I had with Jennifer. They were fascinating, informative, relaxing and helpful.”

Naomi, pharmacist


“Jen was a good teacher.We had fun every time.”

Ruby, retired.Jen with male student


“[I learned about] the wonder of the unity of how the amazing piece of kit called the body works.”

Dominick, actor.

Jen with female student

“A big thank you for starting me on a journey that has already made such a difference to how I feel and think! Alexander Technique is great and you bring such a sense of fun into your teaching.”

Sally, carer


“Jennifer really helped me to think about how I move and use my body in everyday life.”

Liz, nurse


“Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for your help. I attended your AT course at the Folk House last term (September to December 2011) and it was such a positive experience mostly thanks to your vibrant and thought-provoking teaching style. Thanks to you and the Alexander Technique I’ve started to use my body better and it’s affected all sorts of areas in my life. Every day things like walking and sitting have stopped being a constant battle of over-correction and muscle pain – and several people recently have commented on my excellent posture! You helped me regain conscious control of myself and it’s a fantastic feeling. Thank you!”

Amy, administrator.

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I offer in-person and Skype 1:1 sessions, where I work with performing artists on issues that are impeding their ability to perform to their potential, whether the problem is one of physical tension, performance anxiety (stage fright), or some other cause. Call (0117) 9663394 or use the contact form to book an initial consultation.

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