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Links to other great resources

There are loads of great resources out there on the Web. These are some of my personal recommendations.

Karen Evans is a colleague of mine who teaches in Ashby de la Zouch. She writes a brilliant blog ( that everyone should read.

Imogen Ragone is an Alexander Technique teacher in Delaware. Her blog ( is a tremendous source of ideas and inspiration.

Bill Plake is a musician and Alexander Technique teacher based in California. He writes probably the best blog around ( for musicians.

Robert Rickover is the man behind probably the biggest and most resource-filled site about Alexander Technique on the web. If you want to know about it, The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique will almost certainly have an article or three!

The Bulletproof Musician is the site of Dr Noa Kageyama. He writes engagingly on how to improve the psychology behind your performance.

Gillian Wormley is a soprano bsed in Hampshire, England. She writes excellent posts ( on the technique and process of singing.

Finally, if all that isn’t enough, visit to browse through all the different blogs available!