Bad posture and back pain? The missing link…

I was relaxing and reading The Guardian last week, and came across an article that fits directly into my work life. This article by Emma Beddington examines the link between bad posture and back pain, and gives ten ideas for how to improve the way you sit and stand.

None of those ideas were the Alexander Technique.

And it got me thinking, because while there were some great ideas in the article, there was one clear idea that was missing. The whole article was giving ideas about what to DO to improve your bad posture, but never talked about why is might be poor in the first place. Nor did it help with ways to stop the causes.

So I did what I have started doing: I made a video for Instagram. And I’m sharing it here, just in case you need a reminder of why shoving your head backwards and giving yourself a double chin isn’t really the solution to your bad posture. I hope you like it.