Corporate Alexander Technique workshops and coaching

I have constructed a number of business-oriented and corporate Alexander Technique workshops and courses, designed to help your business function more efficiently. My offerings cover everything from how to sit most efficiently at your laptop, right through to how to make a presentation that wows an audience. I work with organisations both large and small, helping them to improve the wellbeing of their staff, and to give presentations confidently and proficiently.

The Ache-Free Office

Jennifer working with student on easy computer useRates of musculoskeletal injury are on the rise. There is increasing evidence that sitting for too long is bad for us. The numbers of office-based workers suffering from aches and pains is on the rise. Many need to take time off to recover. So how do we prevent ourselves from being one of the casualties?

The Ache-Free Office gives simple, practical advice on how to ensure our wellbeing while we work. It covers:

  • how to use computers, laptops, other office equipment so as to lessen the risk of pain and injury
  • why ergonomic advice is good, but it doesn’t solve all the problems
  • ideas on improving personal productivity and energy levels.

The Ache-Free Office can be a one-hour lecture/demonstration, or a half day/full day practical workshop. Past clients include Cardiff University Library, Cabot Learning Federation, and Bristol Folk House.

Conquering stage fright

Fear of performing in public is one of the most common causes of anxiety in the general public. It is also mostly misunderstood, and incorrectly thought to be untreatable. This is far from the case. With a few simple ideas and strategies, anyone can begin to work towards changing their relationship to performing.

I can provide anything from a one hour talk with slideshow, right through to a one day workshop including extensive practical work. Past clients include Bristol Pre-Conservatoire.

Presentation Perfect

This is a tailor-made course that teaches participants not just how to avoid nerves when they give presentations, but how to present with aplomb.

Participants learn:

  • how to structure a talk
  • practice strategies
  • presentation skills advice
  • ideas on how to make slideshows complement the presentation rather than bore the audience!

Introduction to Alexander Technique

An introduction to the basic ideas of the Alexander Technique in a fun and practical lecture-demonstration. I can include a slideshow if required. Past clients include Southampton Universities Hospitals Trust, Cabot Learning Federation and The Actors’ Workshop.

A six-week course is also available; past clients include Bristol City Council Learning Communities Team and Cabot Learning Federation.

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If any of these interest you, please contact me for more information and to discuss your specific requirements. All the courses, workshops and demonstrations listed above can be tailored to the particular requirements of your business. Ring or fill in the form below, and we can discuss how I can best help you.