How I help

My job is to help people learn the tools, principles and techniques they need so that they can get better. And not just temporarily. I want to help you learn to continually improve the manner of your performance, for yourself and by yourself.

How do I do this?

I use my background in music and theatre, as well as my training as an Alexander Technique teacher, to teach you how to change the ways you think and move. Either in individual lessons/courses or in group courses, I use a combination of discussion, reading material, workbooks and gentle hands-on guidance to help my students experience a new freedom and ease in their chosen activities.

“The new ‘low effort’ approach is paying off. I incorporate your ‘50% less’ philosophy as an integral part of my practice routine now and I find it very useful on short sections of music. That and the other things we spoke about has made a fundamental change to my approach to practicing the instrument which I hope will allow me to enjoy many more years of injury free playing.
Thanks again for all your good advice and help.”

Steve B., guitarist

Would you like to know more about what my students say?

If what you’ve read so far excites you, then please do look at my courses, books and resources.

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