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Wanting to book a lesson with me? Great!

You can pay for single 1:1 in-person lessons, 6 session bundles, and six session Skype bundles using the links below.

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Once you’ve booked, I will email you to arrange your lesson time.

Book a lesson by email or phone if:

  • You want to book a drop-in place
  • You are a student/disabled/on benefits, and need to discuss discounted rates.

If you’re a student/disabled/on benefits and need to discuss discounted lessons, then please contact me so that I can help you.

Use the online booking system

How the booking system works:

Pick the time that suits you (you can choose your time zone from the drop-down menu at the top). Then pick the correct lesson duration, and follow the site through the payment instructions.

In person 1:1 lessons

Up to 45 minutes, £40 Held at my teaching room in Windmill Hill, Bristol (unless otherwise agreed in advance) When you book the lesson, I’ll send you an email with a fact sheet, details on how to find me, and a request for information on anything in particular you want to work on in your lesson.

Online lessons

30 minutes, £40 When booking, make sure you include your Skype id, (or FaceTime or Google – I actually prefer Zoom, but can accommodate other platforms). You will need a computer/laptop with a decent camera, or a webcam and microphone set-up. When you book, I will email you to find out if there’s anything in particular you want to focus upon in your lesson.

Book a lesson today.

I am looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals and dreams.

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This book will demonstrate to you that stage fright is not inevitable and not incurable. Rather, it is a set of physical signs and symptoms that we have learned to misread and misunderstand. Then we make them worse with our unhelpful thinking around the whole idea of what performance is about.

I’ve filled the book with ideas, tips and techniques to help you beat the nerves so you can perform to the best of your ability, every time. And I know they work, because they’ve helped me. This book contains the ideas that helped me enjoy being on stage once more.

Do you want to perform with greater ease and freedom? Are you interested in economy of effort and more enjoyment in your performing life?  This book will give you the tools to begin the process of improvement.

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