What You Think is What You Get


What You Think is What You Get by Donald Weed

An introductory textbook for the study of the Alexander Technique.

The best introduction to Alexander Technique on the market.

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What You Think is What You Get:

An Introductory Textbook for the Study of the Alexander Technique

by Donald Weed

3rd edition.

Looking for an introduction to Alexander Technique? In What You Think is What You Get, Donald L. Weed provides the best possible foundation for students to master the work of F.M. Alexander. With remarkable simplicity, precision and humour, he clarifies the central ideas at the heart of Alexander’s technique for self-improvement and reaching your dreams.

Donald Weed began his professional career as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1975, and since then he has taught Alexander’s work to many thousands of students and performers around the world. He is the creator of the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM).

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